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Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC)

Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC)

For Indians, Time for Retirement Planning Is Now

Without action soon, India’s ‘demographic dividend’ could become a retirement deficit as the country’s population ages over the next 40 years.


Protect your Money: Ignore dubious chain-money schemes and false

1Sucheta Dalal talked in detail about how the different multi-level marketing –MLM scams have siphoned off money from India and the helplessness of authorities, including police, to fight with those having political clout.

Money management funda !

2Invest correctly and care for your money better! #FoodForThought

What the B-schools do not teach you?

3Students listen attentively on how important it is at such a young age in life, to be safe with one’s money

Right time and a wrong time

4There is a right time and a wrong time for any action – Sensible is the one who knows the difference.

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